Samsung College Program

Samsung College Program: Youth Marketing Connection (YMC) is looking for college students who are passionate, outgoing, confident, tech-savvy, and well-connected to join the Samsung College Program. This compensated half-year commitment will last from summer to December 2023.

As a part of the Samsung College Program, you will have inside access to the Samsung North America team, acquiring significant professional experience for your resume. All three positions will get a large stipend, the latest Samsung products, exclusive discounts to share with your friends, and other benefits:

College Ambassadors will be responsible for promoting Samsung through on-campus events, product demonstrations, and engaging social media content.

Influencers in the college are entrusted with promoting Samsung via engaging social media posts.

College Creators: Creators in this college will be tasked with creating popular social media video content.

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Reminder: Please keep in mind that this is an independent contractor position with YMC, not a position with Samsung.

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The Samsung College Program demonstrates the company’s dedication to promoting innovation, developing young talent, and bridging the gap between academic learning and real-world applications.

This program improves the academic journey while simultaneously nurturing the next generation of tech leaders by giving invaluable opportunities for students to obtain hands-on experience, access cutting-edge technology, and work on impactful initiatives.

Participants emerge with a plethora of information, skills, and a broader perspective of the tech business after immersing themselves in varied problems and experiences.

Finally, the Samsung College Program acts as a source of inspiration, encouraging students to create the future and make meaningful contributions to the ever-changing world of technology.

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