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Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables

Best Paying Jobs in Consumers Non-Durable


Consumer non-durables, commonly referred to as fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), are used up rapidly and have a limited life. Food and drink, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and personal care goods are some examples of these. To satisfy customers’ everyday requirements and tastes, the consumer non-durables sector is essential. This article will look at the significance of the consumer non-durables sector, give a general overview of it, talk about what influences consumer non-durables job salaries, highlight the highest-paying positions in the sector, and look at the salary ranges, educational requirements, and skills needed for each.

History of Consumer Non-Durables

The consumer non-durables sector has a long, illustrious history. The trade has undergone continual development to adapt to changing customer wants, starting with the early days of bartering and ending with the introduction of modern production techniques. Consumer non-durables became increasingly available and inexpensive to the general public with the growth of mass production and improvements in transportation and distribution.

Trends and Growth Projections

The consumer non-durables sector is impacted by a number of factors that mold customer tastes and behavior. These include variables including shifting demographics, altering lifestyles, environmental concerns, and technological breakthroughs. Additionally, the sector is booming as a result of increased disposable incomes, expanding consumer markets, particularly in emerging nations, and rising desire for convenience.

Factors That Affect Salary in Consumer Non-Durables Jobs

Salary differences in consumer non-durables employment are influenced by a number of variables. These elements consist of:

Education and Qualifications

The level of education and qualifications held by individuals in consumer non-durables jobs significantly impacts their earning potential. Higher education degrees, such as an MBA or specialized certifications in marketing, supply chain management, or product development, can lead to higher-paying positions within the industry.


Experience plays a crucial role in salary determination. Professionals with extensive experience in consumer non-durables, particularly in leadership roles or specialized areas, such as brand management or market research, are more likely to command higher salaries.


Higher pay may result from specialized knowledge and experience in specialized fields of the consumer non-durables sector. For instance, experts in digital marketing, data analytics, or the creation of sustainable products may be in great demand and hence be paid more.


Jobs in the consumer non-durables sector may pay differently depending on where you work. In urban locations with greater costs of living or in places with a concentration of large industrial players, salaries often tend to be higher. Salary ranges can also be impacted by local labor markets and regional market factors.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables

A. Marketing Manager

Managers of marketing create and carry out marketing plans to promote non-durable consumer goods. They manage brand positioning, run advertising campaigns, do market research, and define target consumers.

Salary: Marketing managers in the consumer non-durables sector may make between $80,000 and $150,000 a year, depending on the size of the firm, the standing of the sector, and their degree of expertise.

Marketing manager
The man standing and pointing towards the system in the image
is a marketing manager that manages the affairs of the marketing
department in his company.

B. Research and Development Manager

Managers of research and development are in charge of overseeing the process of developing new products in the consumer non-durables sector. They direct research projects, work with cross-functional teams, and spot market trends to spur the creation of new products.

Salary: Research and development managers may expect to make between $90,000 and $160,000 annually. The size of the organization, the industry, the candidate’s credentials, and experience may all affect the wage.

Research manager
The Research Manager

C. Supply Chain Manager

Supply chain managers are essential in ensuring the smooth transfer of products and materials from manufacturing to distribution. They execute cost-effective supply chain strategies, manage supplier relationships, improve logistics, and keep an eye on inventory levels.

Salary: In the consumer non-durables sector, supply chain managers generally make between $85,000 and $140,000 annually. The size of the organization, the area in which it is located, and the candidate’s level of supply chain management knowledge all affect salary ranges.

D. Brand Manager

Brand managers are in charge of creating and upholding powerful brand identities for non-durable consumer goods. In order to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty, they develop brand strategies, maintain brand positioning, carry out market research, and direct marketing campaigns.

Salary range: Brand managers may make between $80,000 and $140,000 annually. The real pay may differ depending on the candidate’s level of brand management expertise, the size of the organization, and the reputation of the sector.

E. Sales Manager

Job Description: Sales managers lead sales teams and drive revenue generation for consumer non-durables products. They set sales targets, develop sales strategies, manage client relationships, and oversee sales operations to achieve business objectives.

Salary Range: Sales managers in the consumer non-durables industry typically earn between $90,000 and $150,000 per year. The salary range is influenced by factors such as company size, geographical location, and the individual’s track record of sales success.

Salary Ranges for Consumer Non-Durables Jobs

In the consumer non-durables sector, salaries might differ based on employment function, experience, education, and geographic region, among other things. The median yearly salary for marketing managers working in the consumer goods sector was $145,620 as of May 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that pay ranges can drastically differ depending on a person’s qualifications, the size of the organization, and the sector.

Consumer non-durables provide attractive compensation packages when compared to salaries in other industries. The competitive wage ranges in the consumer non-durables industry are driven by the need for qualified experts in marketing, R&D, supply chain management, brand management, and sales.

Qualifications and Skills Required for Best Paying Jobs Consumer Non-Durables

To secure high-paying consumer non-durables jobs, individuals should possess the following qualifications and skills:

Education Requirements:

A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as marketing, business administration, supply chain management, or a related discipline is typically required. Advanced degrees, such as an MBA or specialized certifications, can enhance career prospects and salary potential.


Certificates issued by professional organizations, for example, can demonstrate expertise and a dedication to continued education. Certifications in areas like as project management, supply chain management, and digital marketing are quite beneficial.

Soft abilities:

Success in the consumer non-durables business requires the capacity to adapt to shifting market trends, collaborate in cross-functional teams, and make data-driven choices. Creativity, problem-solving, and a customer-centric approach are also important soft skills.

Certificates issued by professional organizations, for example, can demonstrate expertise and a dedication to continued education. Certifications in areas like as project management, supply chain management, and digital marketing are quite beneficial.

In conclusion, the consumer non-durables business is critical to addressing the daily demands of consumers globally. This article offered an overview of the sector, analyzed the variables that influence salary in consumer non-durables employment, highlighted the highest-paying professions, investigated salary ranges, qualifications, and skills needed for success in these roles, and looked at the job outlook and future trends.

The consumer non-durables business offers interesting prospects for persons interested in marketing, research and development, supply chain management, brand management, sales, and related professions, with the opportunity for growth and high-paying employment. Aspiring professionals may position themselves for success in this dynamic business by obtaining the relevant certifications, developing specific skills, and staying up to date on industry trends.

Individuals can contribute to defining the goods and brands that play an important part in customers’ everyday lives by choosing a career in this area, while also having meaningful and financially rewarding employment.

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