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Best Ships In Star Citizen: Best Game For USA Citizen

Players can experience thrilling adventures in the vastness of space in Star Citizen, the ground-breaking space exploration and simulation game, in an amazing virtual world. The opportunity to control a variety of spacecraft, each with its own distinctive qualities and capabilities, is one of the game’s most thrilling features.

We will examine the top ships in Star Citizen in this extensive guide, offering in-depth analyses of their advantages, disadvantages, and suggested applications. There is a ship in Star Citizen for every kind of player, whether you want the camaraderie of a multi-crew experience or to play alone.

Drake Cutlass Black: Affordable Versatility

For gamers wishing to begin their voyage in the realm of multi-crew gameplay, the Drake Cutlass Black offers a good entry point. It is a highly adaptable multi-crew ship. This ship stands out for being reasonably priced, making it available to gamers at different points in their Star Citizen journey.

The Cutlass Black is perfect for participating in the gameplay loop that involves moving cargo because of its huge storage capacity. Even though it’s not the ideal choice for cargo transportation, it works.

The pilot’s four size 3 guns provide him with enough firepower to take on difficult opponents, while the additional size 3 turret gives him better group fighting abilities. The co-pilot seat enhances battle effectiveness even more by allowing the second player to launch devastating missile strikes while the pilot concentrates on flying.

The versatility of the Cutlass Black is its strength, but it also has the drawback of being a “jack of all trades, master of none.” Better options may be more expensive, but they may be available for players looking for a more specialized experience. However, the Drake Cutlass Black is a great place to start for those wishing to dangle their toes in the multi-crew area.

Drake Cutlass Black: 1,385,300 aUEC

RSI Constellation Andromeda: Utility and Firepower

The RSI Constellation Andromeda series is a collection of ships that offers a range of options for players seeking versatility and firepower. Each ship in the series has its own unique characteristics, allowing players to choose one that aligns with their preferred playstyle and objectives.

With a few crew members, the RSI Constellation Andromeda ships are well-equipped to handle any challenges the Stanton system throws at them. These ships boast decent firepower, with additional turrets to engage formidable adversaries. One notable feature is the presence of the Merlin fighter, which can be deployed from the rear of the ship. Even novice players will find the Merlin easy to pilot, adding an extra layer of combat effectiveness.

The rear ramp access provides ample space for a land vehicle like the HoverQuad, enabling planetary exploration and easy access to bunkers on high alert. While the RSI Constellation series may have faced challenges during early development, its versatility and firepower make it an attractive option for players seeking utility in their multi-crew ships.

RSI Constellation Andromeda: 3,548,000 aUEC

Aegis Hammerhead: The Ultimate Combat Ship

When it comes to multi-crew combat, the Aegis Hammerhead reigns supreme. This iconic gunship boasts six turrets, each armed with four size 4 weapons, making it a force to be reckoned with in any engagement. The sheer firepower of the Hammerhead is unmatched, making it the go-to ship for eliminating multiple fighter ships.

While its large size may make it an easy target for bombers, the Hammerhead’s unstoppable firepower compensates for this vulnerability. Skilled pilots can leverage its slim profile to avoid enemy gunfire, but even in the face of relentless attacks, the two size 3 shield generators help the Hammerhead withstand extended periods of combat.

To fully unleash the Hammerhead’s devastating firepower, a full crew is required. Without a complete complement of crew members, the ship can be left vulnerable to attacks from specific angles. Its price is reasonable compared to other ships of similar size, making the Aegis Hammerhead the ultimate combat vessel in Star Citizen.

Aegis Hammerhead: 12,459,900 aUEC

Aegis Retaliator Bomber: Precision Strike Capability

The Aegis Retaliator is a dedicated bomber designed to take out targets from extreme ranges using its onboard missile system. Equipped with size 9 torpedoes, the Retaliator possesses firepower capable of overwhelming even the most formidable adversaries. Additionally, its payload can be unleashed on ground targets, creating breathtaking cinematic flyby shots.

With additional turrets for other crew members, the Retaliator maximizes its potential with a minimum crew of four. This makes it an excellent choice for smaller crews who are not prepared to operate larger ships like the Hammerhead or Carrack.

Compared to the Hammerhead, the Retaliator offers a more affordable option, as it is only half the price. If players are unable to pool together enough aUEC for a larger ship, the Aegis Retaliator Bomber provides a cost-effective alternative that delivers significant firepower. Its larger size does limit manoeuvrability, but skilled pilots can position the ship advantageously to exploit its long-range damage capabilities.

Aegis Retaliator Bomber: 4,031,700 aUEC

Drake Caterpillar: Cargo-Hauling Powerhouse

For players seeking to maximize their profit potential in the cargo-hauling gameplay loop, the Drake Caterpillar is an excellent choice. This ship offers both substantial cargo capacity and formidable weaponry to fend off any potential attackers looking to steal valuable cargo.

With a crew of four, the Caterpillar excels at providing maximum protection and profit potential. The ship’s modular design allows for future customization, while the current 576 SCU (standard cargo units) of storage space enables efficient cargo runs.

While other ships like the Starlifter may provide larger cargo space, the Caterpillar’s offensive capabilities set it apart from the competition. Its ability to defend against threats makes it a reliable choice for players who prioritize both cargo capacity and security.

Drake Caterpillar: 4,686,600 aUEC

Aegis Reclaimer: Salvage Master

Salvaging is a new gameplay loop introduced in the 3.18 update of Star Citizen. The Aegis Reclaimer is the perfect ship for players looking to engage in this exciting new activity. The Reclaimer’s primary function is to clear up debris from destroyed ships and sell it to vendors or other players for ship repairs.

While the salvaging claw is not yet operational, it will be a feature included in a future update, adding another layer of depth to the Reclaimer’s salvaging capabilities. With two separate salvage operators and turrets, the crew operating this ship can quickly amass a valuable loot stash while maintaining a relatively safe position.

Additionally, the cargo collected during salvage can also be sold directly to other players, saving valuable time. As one of the most anticipated ships in the 3.18 update, the Aegis Reclaimer promises to become increasingly valuable over time.

Aegis Reclaimer: 15,126,400 aUEC

Anvil Carrack: The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Ship

Throughout the development of Star Citizen, the Anvil Carrack has consistently been hailed as the best ship in the game. Its size and versatility make it comparable to a sub-capital ship, offering a vast array of features and capabilities.

One notable feature of the Carrack is its onboard medical bay, which allows players to restore their health and set the ship as a spawn point. This eliminates the need to respawn at the starting location, saving players valuable time and enhancing convenience. Furthermore, the ship provides ample crew facilities, allowing crew members to log off and store their belongings.

The Carrack’s hangar bay offers additional flexibility, enabling the storage and utilization of additional vessels such as the Pieces, which can be deployed when the full weight of the Carrack is unnecessary. The ship’s four-size turrets deliver formidable firepower, making it capable of handling some of the most challenging missions. While it may not match the sheer combat effectiveness of ships like the Retaliator or Hammerhead, the Carrack’s versatility makes it a top choice for combat, exploration, storage, and various other tasks found in the verse.

Anvil Carrack – Price Upon Request (Contact Ship Dealer)

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The spacecraft you choose can have a huge impact on your gameplay in the expansive world of Star Citizen. There is a ship to meet your demands, whether you’re searching for utility, cargo capacity, salvage capabilities, combat prowess, affordability, or multipurpose usefulness. Among the best ships in Star Citizen are the Drake Cutlass Black, RSI Constellation Andromeda, Aegis Hammerhead, Aegis Retaliator Bomber, Drake Caterpillar, Aegis Reclaimer, and Anvil Carrack.

Every ship has distinctive strengths and weaknesses that are tailored to certain playstyles and goals. To be as effective as possible in the vastness of space, you must investigate and comprehend the capabilities of these ships. Make intelligent decisions, put together your crew, and dive into fascinating Star Citizen adventures.

Remember, the choice of ship is just the beginning. The universe is vast, and the opportunities are endless. Explore, trade, fight, and make your mark in the ever-evolving world of Star Citizen.

The best ships in Star Citizen are available on PC.

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