How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumers Non-Durables

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Non-Durables?

The consumer non-durables market is expanding quickly, with tens of thousands of new jobs nearly always available. This article provides an overview of the consumer non-durables market and explores employment statistics in the industry. According to the guide, there are many available jobs in this area, and growth is projected to continue in the future.

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What Is Consumer Non-Durable Industry?

The consumer non-durable industry is a wide term that refers to the production and sale of goods that are used and then discarded very quickly. Food, clothing, cosmetics, and other household items may be included.

The industry is regarded as one of the most important in the economy because it accounts for a major portion of total spending and employs a huge number of people. Despite this, it has faced challenges in recent years as a result of shifting consumer preferences and increased competition from overseas manufacturers.

Consumer Non-Durable Industry

The consumer non-durable industry is one of the most important and employs the most people in the United States. The sector has been steadily developing in recent years and is projected to continue to grow in the future. This is a very competitive industry with many distinct companies.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the consumer non-durable products sector employs about 5.6 million people in the United States. Manufacturing, construction, retail commerce, and other service-oriented businesses are included. The majority (80%) of these occupations are in services, with only about 10% in durable goods manufacturing. This industry provides a good income and retirement security, in addition to career prospects.

Categories of Goods

There are two broad categories of goods: durable and non-durable. What’s the distinction? Consider cars, washing machines, and laptop computers to be examples of durable commodities. Non-durable commodities, on the other hand, are consumable and intended to be consumed quickly, such as chocolate, milk, Coca-Cola, and ice cream.

One significant distinction between the two sorts of things is how they are taxed. Because they are perceived to be more valuable, durable items are frequently subject to a higher sales tax. Non-durable items, on the other hand, typically receive a lower sales tax because they are deemed less value.

How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Non-Durables?

Considering the consumer non-durables business includes several large retail firms and merchant wholesalers, there are many high-demand positions available. When planning any career path, you may wish to become acquainted with the vocations accessible to help restrict your job search.

Here are some common non-durable consumer roles to help you select one that suits your interests and aspirations.

1. Technician at a Pharmacy

The national average salary is $35,863.

A pharmacy technician’s primary responsibilities include assisting pharmacists in the preparation of drugs for patients. They may process payments and collect the information needed to fill prescriptions. Other responsibilities include weighing prescriptions, packaging pharmaceuticals, and keeping track of a pharmacy’s inventory.

A technician at a pharmacy is taking care of the microscope.

2. Associate in Stock

The national average wage is $36,700.

An associate in stock’s primary responsibilities include maintaining a store’s inventory and facilitating the sale of consumer non-durables. They fill shelves and create appealing product displays. Other responsibilities include maintaining the warehouse portion of the store, processing shipment orders, and contacting vendors to resolve faulty deliveries.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumers Non-Durables
Associate in Stock

3. Production Assistant

The national average yearly salary is $39,310.

A production assistant’s primary responsibilities include assisting in the design, assembly, and testing of consumer non-durables. They may assemble components by hand or using power equipment such as drills, welders, and solders. Other responsibilities include inspecting equipment, unloading cargo, and packing finished goods.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumers Non-Durables
Production assistants in the farming industry

4. Logistics Director

The average annual wage is $67,882.

A logistics director’s primary responsibilities include overseeing a company’s supply chain to ensure effective manufacturing. They facilitate supplier relationships and schedule incoming and outbound shipments. Other responsibilities include directing manufacturing teams and assisting with quality assurance methods.

5. Representative of Sales

The national average yearly wage is $71,046.

Primary responsibilities: A sales representative works directly with customers to sell the products of a company. They could specialize in everything from technology to retail. Among the responsibilities are display organisation, client service, and payment processing.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumers Non-Durables
Representative of sales

6. Marketing Supervisor

The average annual wage is: $73,213

Primary responsibilities: A marketing supervisor is in charge of a company’s advertising. They undertake market research to better understand consumer preferences, manage budgets, and keep track of content creation. Marketing managers frequently try to establish campaigns that distinguish their company’s nondurables from competitive products.

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7. Food Researcher

The national average wage is $74,160.

Primary responsibilities: A food researcher is an expert in food preparation, storage, and preservation. Among the responsibilities are assessing food sustainability, streamlining food production methods, and estimating output. Food researchers also create quality assurance rules and give accurate nutrition information on food labels.

Food researcher
This image illustrates an expert researching the type of
food/product to be produced in the industry.

8. Manager of Quality Assurance

Average annual wage is: $78,869

Primary responsibilities: A quality assurance manager improves and maintains the quality of a company’s products. When offering suggestions for the quality of products and services, this function requires adherence to environmental standards, rules, and regulations. Other responsibilities include auditing, preparing quality reports, and training personnel on quality assurance standards.

9. Purchasing Director

The national average yearly wage is $79,879

A purchasing director’s primary responsibilities include coordinating a company’s procurement plans. They negotiate supplier contracts, monitor inventory levels, and make waste reduction recommendations. Other responsibilities include directing procurement teams and keeping records of received products.

The purchaser wants to purchase a car for the family
and needed an expert which the purchasing director
was called upon to analyze and make the right choice for her.


Advantages of working in consumer non-durables include:

Job security: Because consumer non-durables are in high demand, firms frequently offer job security to workers who can assist with manufacturing and sales.

A wide range of entry-level positions are available: Many entry-level positions in the consumer nondurables sector are available and offer on-the-job training.


Here are some disadvantages to consider before working in consumer nondurables:

Fast-paced work environment: The consumer non-durables sector can be stressful, so consider whether this is the correct profession for you.

Long-term positions: Many positions in the non-durable products business offer long-term employment contracts that can necessitate a large career commitment.

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Finally, the consumer non-durables industry provides a wide range of work prospects, including sales, marketing, product management, supply chain, quality control, and design, among others.

The number of available employment varies depending on factors such as geographic location, market demand, and the size of the enterprises in the industry. It is, however, a stable sector with constant work possibilities, making it an appealing field for individuals seeking a diverse range of career opportunities

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