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How Many Times Can I Reschedule My US Visa Appointment And Other Countries like the Philippines Etc?

How Many Times Can I Reschedule My US Visa Appointment And Other Countries like the Philippines Etc?

Anyone looking to obtain a US Visa can do so at US Consulates and US Embassies. One must make an appointment at these locations in order to apply for a US visa using this approach.  There may be a delay for US visa appointments, depending on the nation and demand for the visa. The number of times a person may spend the visa appointment fee for making or changing appointments is restricted by US consulates in order to reduce long wait times and appointment system misuse.

In this article, we will discuss what it means to reschedule a US visa appointment, how it differs by nation, and how many times you may do it with official advice and discussion with the visa appointment system support staff.

What is the difference between postponing and altering a US Visa appointment?

If you are unable to attend your US Visa appointment, whether for an in-person visa interview with a consular official or to give biometrics, the visa appointment booking system allows you to reschedule the appointment date and time. The rescheduling or changing of appointments option is used to amend or adjust the visa appointment timings.  This appointment modification can be made for the in-person interview at the US Consulate, the biometrics at the Visa Application Center (VAC), or both.

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How can you reschedule or amend your US Visa interview?

The appointment booking system at, which directs you to the CGI Federal website, allows you to reschedule, amend, or cancel an existing appointment.  Your OFC appointment, which involves collecting biometric data and having a visa interview at the Consulate, may be rescheduled. Let’s glance on how it works.

If you are arranging an appointment for the first time, you will only see the option “New Application / Schedule Appointment” on the left-hand side navigation, as seen in the image below. After completing this step, you will see the re-schedule option.

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When you set an appointment and wish to reschedule or amend it, you will have the opportunity to do so, cancel it, or seek an emergency appointment. To reschedule, use the “Reschedule Appointment” option from the left-hand menu. It will clearly notify you about your current appointment on this screen when it is scheduled on the screen saying “Your current appointment is scheduled for…”

Also, you can see at the top if it is for biometrics at OFC or a visa interview.

You can also view the history of your US Visa appointment reschedules by clicking on the “Appointment History” link in the left navigation. This will show you a complete list of your previous and current appointments, including the Appointment Date, Applicant Name, Consulate/Post location, Visa Type, and Status.

How many times can I change my US Visa appointment?

Each nation has different restrictions on how many times you can reschedule or modify your US Visa appointment. You may change the visa appointments through the online system anywhere from two to six times, depending on the personnel and appointment wait times.

How many times you may make an appointment using a Visa application fee receipt (MRV fee receipt) depends on the US Consulates or US Embassy in that nation. We will examine the frequency for some of the more popular nations, including India, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, and others.

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How many times can I reschedule my US Visa appointment in India?

At 4 US consulates (Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Kolkata) and 1 US embassy (New Delhi), you may schedule an appointment to apply for a US visa. USTravelDocs and the CGI Federal website are in charge of managing the appointment scheduling system.  You can plan your US Visa appointment for a particular number of times, however, this information is not shown on the India Appointments scheduling page.

Since this information is not made publicly available, one of our blog readers (anonymous – kudos to the user) contacted USTravelDocs CGI Federal customer service to find out how many times you may book or reschedule.

According to them, you can make appointments for a visa up to five times in India using the MRV Fee receipt (Visa fee receipt).  The first appointment schedule is part of these five instances. After your initial appointment, you have a total of four opportunities to reschedule or modify your appointment.

Update from USTravelDocs – No Clarity on how many times

To find out how many times someone may reschedule the US Visa appointments in India, we contacted USTravelDocs Support. They just state, “You can reschedule the maximum time the system allows to schedule/re-schedule,” unlike earlier when they provided a number. Thus, it is uncertain how often you can actually reschedule right now.

Update from US Embassy in New Delhi – How many times

In the portal, you can change your appointment time. It was verified that you can change your appointment up to four times before you must pay the MRV Fee once again.

Note: “That the receipt will be locked and the visa fees will be applied to the final attempt if an applicant changes or cancels an appointment more than four times.”

It should be quite obvious from the above that you are only permitted to reschedule up to four times before your receipt is locked and you must pay the MRV Fee again.

You can reschedule up to four times, at least according to the US Embassy, but for some reason, USTravelDocs assistance is unable to provide a definitive response.  Please utilize the total number of rescheduling chances wisely and make appropriate plans.

To get your modifications back if they have been accidentally lowered, contact the US Embassy in New Delhi and use their email address to email the assistance team.

What happens if the United States Consulate cancels an appointment? Am I out of a chance?

It is disappointing when the US Consulate cancels an appointment, but it does not always indicate that you are out of options. An appointment may be canceled for a variety of reasons, including unanticipated circumstances, staffing concerns, or changes in the consulate’s schedule.

When an appointment is canceled, the consulate usually informs the client of the cancellation and any alternate arrangements. They may postpone your appointment or offer directions on how to book a new one. To understand the following stages, carefully consider any message from the embassy.

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The embassy may prioritize rescheduling canceled appointments in particular circumstances depending on urgency or other considerations. It is best to get in touch with the consulate immediately to learn more about the particular circumstance and receive advice on what to do. They will be able to provide you with the most accurate information and the most suitable instructions.

Remember that canceling one meeting does not always indicate that you will lose your opportunity of achieving the desired outcome, such as a visa or consular service. Stay persistent, interact with the embassy, and follow the instructions to reschedule your appointment.

How would I know if I have exhausted all of the opportunities for rescheduling the appointment?

The system will notify you that you have exhausted all of the possibilities for scheduling changes. You would be aware that using your existing MRV charge receipt, you are no longer permitted to reschedule. If you cancel this appointment, you will have surpassed the allotted number of cancellations, and you won’t be allowed to plan another appointment until another MRV charge has been paid, according to the notification you will receive.  

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How many times may I change my appointment for a US visa in the Philippines?

There are fewer locations in the Philippines and a significantly larger demand for US Visa appointments. Therefore, the US Embassy in Manila has limited the number of appointments you may book to five with just one MRV Visa Fee receipt.

How many times may US visa appointments be rescheduled at Japan Consulates?

You can reschedule your US Visa appointment up to six times in Japan. If you surpass the 6-time limit, you must pay a new MRV cost.

How many times may US Visa appointments be rescheduled in Thailand?

You can only reschedule your US Visa appointment in Thailand a total of three times. A fresh MRV charge must be paid if the three times are exceeded. Visit Thailand’s website.

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