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Letter of Intent for Scholarship: Sample

Letter of Intent for Scholarship

A Letter of Intent for Scholarship (LOI) is a letter that may be required to be considered for a scholarship at a college or institution. A letter of intent is an excellent approach for students seeking a scholarship to demonstrate their significant interest in the selected subject as well as their deservingness of the sought financial help.

The important information to transmit through the free, fillable school letter of intent is a student’s educational and career aspirations, as well as areas of interest in college or university. The letter should show that a student can thrive in their field of study and is worthy of the investment of an awarding organization.

What Should a Letter of Intent for a Scholarship Include?

Though some scholarship applicants consider these components to be superfluous, every scholarship letter follows stringent guidelines. Similarly, the LOI has its own set of rules and areas that must be included in the letter.

These letters must include:

  • Study strategy
  • Background, abilities, and personal characteristics
  • Future long-term and short-term objectives

Let me go into greater depth.

1. Study Strategy

When applying for a scholarship, you should utilize a letter of intent to outline the topic of study that interests you and how it ties to the career you intend to follow after graduation.

For example, you may claim that you’ve always wanted to learn more about software engineering in college. After graduation, you plan to continue your studies by enrolling in a graduate-level program in artificial intelligence and robotics. You are interested in the development of industrial robots that could minimize the demand for human labour in heavy industry factories.

Your goal is to clearly illustrate what you intend to achieve in college or university, as well as how the degree will aid you in your future job.

It would also be advantageous to add the names of specific academic members who could act as mentors. It would show that you have done preliminary research and are committed to your academic ambitions.

2. Background, abilities, and personal characteristics

The scholarship committee is particularly interested in your previous degrees and academic achievements. Include any relevant work experience, training, or courses you have taken, as well as any applicable talents and attributes you have. Everything should represent your dedication to your chosen subject.

3. Long-term and short-term objectives

To make your letter of intent for a scholarship look more purposeful, include both long-term and short-term goals. A master’s degree in artificial intelligence and robotics, for example, could be a short-term objective, while a long-term goal could be to work as a machine learning research scientist at a large engineering and robotics design firm.

Format of Letter of Intent for Scholarship

As you are aware, a scholarship letter or essay consists of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion (end). Similarly, the letter of intent for scholarship (LOI) has similar elements as well as some that are unique, such as the address and salutation.

But how do you approach each section of the letter? Let’s get started

1. Applicant’s Address

Begin with the applicant’s address (that is you as the writer).

The information for the applicant should appear first. In the top left corner of the letter, write your name, address, and the effective date of the letter of intent for scholarship (LOI). In addition, include the words “admission committee” as well as the name and address of the college or university.

2. Recipient’s Address

The recipient’s address comes after the applicant’s address, with an inch gap in the top left corner of the letter. Write the position of the receiver as “the manager,” the head of the department, etc., followed by the address.

3. The Salutation

How do you begin an intent letter for a scholarship? Begin with “dear committee” or “respected Mr. or Mrs.” Then include your name and the purpose of this letter, which is to apply for a scholarship to study at the selected program. Explain how it will complement your previous degree and bring you closer to your desired career.

3. The Body

Discuss your excitement for the field in the first paragraph of the main body. Explain why you chose to pursue your previous degree and what you gained during your studies You can also list any extracurricular activities connected to the field you intend to pursue. Include your best academic achievements.

In the following paragraph, reflect on your previous employment experiences, if any. Explain what you had to perform at work and how it assisted you in expanding your knowledge and gaining useful industry insights. You can also talk about the benefits you’ve brought to the organization, especially if they’re measurable.

Describe your immediate and long-term goals as well. Tell us about the degree you wish to pursue and your job ambitions.

4. Conclusion (Closing)

In the final paragraph of your letter of intent, thank the committee for reviewing your application and explain that your willingness to learn more about the profession will make you a great student. Declare that you expect a response soon, and end on a courteous note. Finally, in the lower-left corner of the letter, sign your name.

Letter of Intent for Scholarship Sample

Mr. John Smith

132, My Street, Kingston,

New York, 12401.

October 31, 2023

To: Luke Michael

Head of Scholarship Program

The University of Texas at Austin,

Austin, TX 78712

Dear Mr. Silas Paul,

RE: Letter of intent for a scholarship for PhD

I am writing to apply for a full scholarship to the University of Texas at Austin for a PhD in Robotics beginning in September. This is as result that I was accepted to your university’s course and am writing to express my interest in applying for a scholarship for this course.

I have always been a careful student throughout my academic career. Since studies I have always been at the top of my class and have participated in a variety of extracurricular activities such as baseball, robotics, and volunteering at animal shelters. I have a Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics with honours.

I’ve always wanted to continue my studies and earn a master’s degree in the same field at The University of Texas at Austin. With the scholarship, I will be able to complete my MBA and realize my dream.

Thank you in advance for your time. I hope to hear from you at the email or phone number listed at the top of this letter.


Mr John Smith.”


Writing an excellent letter of intent for a scholarship needs careful consideration and attention to detail. Use the offered instructions and sample template as a starting point, but make sure your letter is real, personalized to each application, and linked with your personal and academic journey.

Remember that a strong letter can dramatically increase your chances of receiving the scholarship you desire.

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