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Megaworld Scholarship Questions

Meagworld Scholarship/Questions

Megaworld Scholarship Questions.

In this article, we will put you through the Megaworld Scholarship questions. Let’s get started on the questions.

You may ask what these Megaworld Scholarship questions are all about, but it is to enlighten you and give you guidelines to make a better choice.

1. How much is the Megaworld Scholarship program?

The Megaworld Foundation, Inc. pays the entire tuition for its beneficiaries. Aside from that, they provide a stipend per school year. As a result, this financial assistance is quite beneficial to its recipients, and there is a good chance that they will be able to complete their college degree with the help of this scholarship program.

2.  Is there a test for the Megaworld Scholarship?

It is vital to remember that Megaworld scholarship applicants will be asked to fill out some documents after completing the needed documentation. They will next be subjected to a test and interview to further evaluate their scholarship application.

3. What are the Megaworld Scholarship courses?

Students pursuing studies in advertising, architecture, business, building management, computer engineering, internal auditing, interior design, marketing, mechanical and tourism, and hospitality management are eligible for the Megaworld Scholarship.

4. How do I go through the Megaworld Scholarship?

To pass and qualify for the Megaworld Scholarship, you must meet the above-mentioned eligibility conditions as well as produce and acquire all required documentation. In addition, you must pass the exam and interview. If you complete the above-mentioned guidelines, you have a good chance of being one of the Megaworld scholarship recipients.

5. When is the Megaworld Scholarship application deadline?

To stay up-to-date on announcements for the opening of applications for the Megaworld scholarship, visit their official website here:, as well as learn more about the scholarship program, including the application deadline.

6. Where can I submit my application for this scholarship program?

To submit for the Megaworld scholarship, please visit https://www.megaworldfoundat You will then be led to the Megaworld Foundation, Inc.’s application portal.

7. What if my existing school or university is not on their list of partner institutions? Is it still possible for me to apply for the scholarship program?

If your school or university is not on the list of Megaworld Foundation’s partner schools, look into alternative scholarship opportunities. It is vital to note that this scholarship program exclusively provides scholarships to students enrolled in its partner schools. Learn more about these colleges.

8. I have some questions about the scholarship program; who or where can I contact them?

If you have any questions concerning the scholarship program, please contact them using the details provided below.

Megaworld Foundation, Inc. 11th Ave. corner 36th St. Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig City Email Address: Contact Information: +63 (2) 8894.6437 to 38 You can also send them a message via this link:

9. How will I know whether I am eligible for the Megaworld Scholarship program?

You will know if you are eligible for the Megaworld Foundation scholarship program if you have met all of the eligibility requirements such as the minimum general weighted average, you have passed the college or university entrance exam, you can complete and finish your chosen course or degree program, and so on. You can see the whole list of eligibility requirements above.

10. Can I still apply for the Megaworld Scholarship if the course I am enrolled in is not on their list of priority courses?

 Check out the application guidelines before applying for the Megaworld Scholarship program. If your course is not on the priority list but you meet the eligibility conditions, you may still apply and try your luck, but your application will not be assured. As a result, you may want to seek other scholarship programs that cover the degree program or course you are pursuing.

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