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See A 15-Year-Old Girl Who Earn A University Degree From a USA College

15-Year-Old Girl Becomes Youngest To Earn University Degree From a USA College

Shania Muhammad, a 15-year-old girl who became the youngest to earn a university degree from USA College, received her bachelor’s degree from Langston University, where she previously established the record for the youngest student to receive an associate degree. Before her most recent accomplishment, the 15-year-old had already obtained another associate degree, leaving her name in the Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) archives.

Shania graduated with honours from Langston, according to The Black Wall Street Times. “A 15-year-old who has graduated from college three times has made history again for the third time,” her father Elijah Muhammad declared on social media, according to Because Of Them We Can.

In addition to receiving the Outstanding Graduate Senior Award for her division, she graduated with a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences focusing on child development.

The young lady, who entered OCCC at the age of 13, graduated from Langston at the age of 14. She obtained her first degree in front of her mother, Atashia Muhammad, an associate professor at Langston University who described the ceremony as a “special occasion.”

Shania’s talent has led her to graduate school, where she is pursuing a master’s degree in business administration while maintaining a 4.0 GPA in only her first semester.


The 15-Year-Old Girl Becomes the Youngest to Earn a University Degree From a USA College, Making History of All Time.

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