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Best Travel Nurse Apps: Free Apps for Nurses

Best Travel Nurse Apps

Travel nurse apps are mobile applications... A travel nurse’s daily life might be unpredictable and rather stressful. However, with a few well-chosen apps, it can be made much easier to handle.

What are Travel Nurse Apps?

Travel nurse apps are mobile applications that help travel nurses discover jobs, manage schedules, communicate with agencies, and access resources for travel plans and hotels. It functions by collecting job postings, offering tools for tracking assignments, and allowing communication between nurses and employers or agencies.

In fact, what matters is that the apps help travel nurses and agencies perform as efficiently as possible.

10 Best Travel Nurse Apps

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most useful apps for travelling nurses that your organisation can use or recommend to help them with their work and lifestyle.

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1. Timeero: 

Timeero is one of the best travel nurse apps because of its great features that nurses and agencies will love.

The app can be used by agencies to manage their travel nurses. Among other useful features, the programme can automate payroll and scheduling, as well as streamline time, GPS employee tracking, and mileage tracking. Timeero can assist the agency in being compliant while also improving efficiency.

The programme will allow nurses to focus on their primary jobs by reducing their responsibilities for recording hours and locations.

Important Features:

  • Time monitoring has been simplified. With a single click, the nurses may clock in and out of their shifts. As a result, the agencies will have accurate and timely records of nurses’ attendance, allowing them to compile correct and timely payroll at the end of the week.
  • Tracking mileage and GPS coordinates. Timeero is a mileage and GPS tracking solution in addition to tracking time. All of this enables agencies to track where their travel nurses are during their shifts and, if necessary, fully reimburse the mileage.
  • Payroll has been simplified. To guarantee that nurses are properly compensated, Timeero interfaces with major invoice and payroll software such as Xero Australia, Gusto, QuickBooks, or Paychex. Simultaneously, the software eliminates all manual paperwork, making payroll faster and more dependable.
  • EVV-compliance. This feature allows the agency to document every visit made by a travel nurse working in the home healthcare industry.
  • Scheduling is automated. Timeero can also assist organisations with scheduling automation. The Who’s Working function shows you all of the available nurses to whom you can offer a position or per diem shifts.
  • Communication that is timely. You may also use this app to connect with nurses or your entire team by using the Message Blast feature. Any extra task information or last-minute modifications might be sent to the nurses.

2. Google Maps:

Navigating a new place can be difficult for a travelling nurse, whether it’s looking for the nearest eatery or getting to work. Google Maps is a must-have programme that will direct travel nurses and allow them to look for all of the facilities and services they require nearby.

Important Features:

  • They may simply identify nearby restaurants, petrol stations, grocers, coffee shops, hotels or activities by using the Explore option.
  • The Go tab will assist them in planning private or business travels by vehicle, public transportation, or walking. It will inform them of the trip’s direction, distance, and duration.
  • They can use the app to make lists of places they want to visit and to make notes about the places they’ve saved.
  • They can use the app to get recommendations for trending areas depending on their preferences.
  • The Your Match tool will demonstrate how well the location matches their preferences and hobbies.

3. Gas Buddy:

For individuals who travel by car, GasBuddy should be at the top of their list of travel nurse applications on their phone.

The app is constantly updated, allowing you to find the best gas rates by state, city, zip code, or even brand.

When nurses use it on a regular basis, they will see a significant reduction in their petrol and fuel expenses.

Important Features:

  • Locate the cheapest fuel station along their current path.
  • Search for petrol stations based on distance or price.
  • Notify the community about fuel costs and assist them in finding low-cost fuel.
  • Earn points for reporting fuel price. 
  • Notify the community about fuel costs and assist them in finding low-cost fuel.
  • Earn points for reporting fuel prices.
  • Add the vehicle to the app to receive information on fresh recalls.
  • Monitor driving patterns, such as speeding and braking, to save fuel.
  • Travel nurses can save even more money by utilizing the GasBuddy Card instead of the app alone. 

4. ShiftLife Organizer: 

This app can be used by agencies to manage their travel nurses. Among its many useful functions, the programme may simplify time, GPS employee tracking, mileage tracking, and payroll and scheduling. Timeero can assist the agency in being compliant while also improving efficiency.

The programme will allow nurses to focus on their primary jobs by reducing their responsibilities for recording hours and locations.

Important Features:

  • Schedule shifts. The app will show a nurse’s forthcoming shifts, on-call days, training, vacations, and other crucial events in real-time.
  • Hours should be recorded. Nurses may simply keep track of their shifts and locations, as well as any sick days or overtime hours.
  • Calculate your pay. Because they will have all of your hourly pay and attendance data in their calendar, the app can be a useful tool for calculating their salary.
  • The app is intended for iPhone and iPad users. It is accessible for free with some in-app purchases.

5. Medscape:

All the Medical Information a Nurse Could Want, In Their Hands

Medscape is not only on our list of the top travel nurse apps; it is also the app that every nurse should have on their phones.

Medscape is a free and simple app that is available for iOS and Android users. It provides nurses with access to all of the pharmaceuticals and diseases-related information they may require, as well as insight into the most recent medical news customised to their expertise and a network of medical specialists to speak with.

Important Features:

  • Drugs/diseases, as well as clinical instruments. The app provides nurses with access to a database of over 8,500 prescription and OTC medicines, vitamins, and herbals, as well as over 6,200 reference papers for decision-making support. It also includes clinical tools like pill identifiers, drug interaction checkers, and drug calculators.
  • The most recent medical news and perspectives. The newest FDA approvals and other breaking medical news will be communicated to the nurses based on their specialties.
  • Consult Medscape. A travel nurse who uses the app will be part of a broad network of medical specialists with whom they can consult and crowdsource medical answers.
  • Continuing Medical Education. The software can also aid nurses with professional development by allowing them to access numerous courses and earn CME points while on the road.

6. Evernote:

Evernote is ranked as one of the best travel nursing apps for a reason. It’s astonishing how much a single software can accomplish to assist nurses in keeping organized and increasing productivity.

Important Features:

  • Write notes. Evernote enables nurses to centrally organise all of their data types on the same subject. They can include anything in their notes, including to-do lists, images, and documents in practically any format. They can save these and make changes to them within the app if necessary.
  • Improve their task management. Nurses can use their notes to create a to-do list and specify due dates, reminders, and recurrences.
  • Always have the notes close at hand. Evernote will automatically save nurses’ notes online and synchronise them across all of their devices, ensuring that they are always available.
  • Simple to find. Nurses can readily find their notes or important information by using Evernote. They have the option of searching for keywords, dates, titles, or content types. Evernote will include words in pictures and handwriting when searching for keywords and will generate ideas while typing.
  • Scanning of documents. Nurses can use the document scanning capability to have all of their important paperwork, whether personal or professional, with them at all times.
  • Clipper for the web. Nurses can save screenshots, webpages, and articles directly into the app with this function.
  • Calendar. Connect Evernote and Google Calendar to sync their notes and schedules.
  • Evernote is compatible with all devices and operating systems, including iOS and Android. Depending on the needs of the nurse, three plans are available: free, personal, and professional.

7. Pack Point: Never Forget Your Charger Again!

Packing for a trip is not the same as packing for a business trip. Before leaving, the travelling nurses must make sure they have everything they might require throughout their stay.

PackPoint entered our list of the best travel nurse apps because it helps make the move easier. It can assist nurses in compiling a list of clothing, gadgets, accessories, and other items they will need to ensure they are comfortable in the weather and prepared for anything.

Important Features:

It helps to organise stuff to bring based on trip time, weather, and activities

Simple to use: Nurses may customise and reuse their packing list using the premium edition of this app.

8. Get Comfortable Wherever You Go with Airbnb: 

Travel nurses can choose their own lodging for an assignment. While residing in a hotel can be a suitable temporary solution, it may not suit every nurse’s lifestyle. That’s why Airbnb made our list of the top smartphone apps for travel nurses, as it can help you discover a different place to stay. The app offers a variety of lodging possibilities, including complete apartments/houses, guesthouses, rooms for rent in a household, and so on.

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These lodgings are frequently more pleasant and cost-effective than staying at a hotel. However, finding the ideal fit for a stay may necessitate some inquiry to ensure that the location and descriptions are correct.

Important Features:

  • Discover one-of-a-kind homes chosen for their location, style, or proximity to neighbouring activities.
  • Book directly from the app.
  • Split stays: When visiting for more than a week, nurses might divide one stay between two residences.
  • conversation with the host, simple check-in
  • The Airbnb app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

9. Meetup: Never Be Alone

When continually relocating to new places, the travelling lifestyle might become lonely. Meetup has entered our list of the finest travel nurse apps because it may help nurses build new important connections while on the road.

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Meetups with people who wish to share their experiences, whatever their passion, can help travel nurses make local friends and contacts. Thousands of meeting groups have formed around important issues, such as numerous topics or hobbies relating to career, music, and athletics. Meetup can assist them if they require assistance or someone to wine and dine with.

Important Features:

  • Access to approximately 330,000 interest-based organisations
  • Investigating events based on keyword, category, or local popularity,
  • Participate in discussions or private chats with those who share your interests.
  • Meetup is accessible for iPhone and Android users.

10. Google Translate:

In many sections of the country, nurses will hear languages other than English. Some of the patients they work with may not be able to communicate in English at all. This can make caring for these patients difficult.

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Google Translate has made our list of the top travel nurse apps because it can assist nurses in communicating crucial information with patients. It can assist them in understanding their patients’ words and giving them instructions in the language they understand.

Important Features:

  • Use the camera to instantly translate text.
  • Communicate hands-free because it identifies language and provides text translations even when there is no data connection.
  • If a nurse is unsure how to pronounce a language, the app may read out the translated material to ensure patients understand.
  • The software is free for both Android and iPhone users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers:

What defines the “best” travel nurse apps?

The best travel nurse apps are typically those that offer a comprehensive range of features, including a user-friendly interface, extensive job listings, reliable communication tools, robust security measures, schedule management, community engagement, and resources for travel arrangements.

How can I identify the best travel nurse apps among the available options?

Determining the best travel nurse app involves considering factors like user reviews, app ratings, available features, ease of navigation, job diversity, security measures, customer support, and alignment with individual preferences and requirements.

Are the best travel nurse apps typically free, or do they come with a subscription fee?

While some top-rated travel nurse apps offer free basic features, others may have premium features or access to exclusive job listings that require a subscription or payment. Review the app’s details for specific pricing structures.

How secure is the personal and professional information provided on the best travel nurse apps?

Top-rated travel nurse apps prioritize data security, employing encryption methods to safeguard users’ personal and professional information. They often have robust privacy policies and measures in place to protect sensitive data.

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