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Do I Need A Passport For Aruba | Yes! See Why

Do I Need A Passport For Aruba | Yes! See Why

Aruba is unquestionably a dream vacation spot for many visitors because of its clean beaches, clear oceans, and energetic culture. It’s crucial to comprehend the entrance criteria, specifically the demand for a passport, as you prepare to visit this Caribbean paradise.

A passport is your key to travelling abroad, not just a basic piece of paper. In this essay, we examine the necessity of a passport for travel to Aruba as well as its relevance.

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Aruba’s Entry Requirements are Demystified.

Political Situation in Aruba and Entry Regulations

As a member state of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Aruba has a distinct political identity. Its admission criteria are affected by this status. Most foreign visitors must have a current passport to enter Aruba. This is true whether you go by air or water to get there.

Do I Need A Passport For Aruba?

To answer your question. Yes, you usually require a passport to enter Aruba. The main proof of your identity, nationality, and eligibility for entry into the country is your passport. It is a widely accepted travel document that makes for a simple and hassle-free journey.


Visas and Requirements for Entry

Travellers to Aruba for leisure, recreation, sports, medical care, family obligations, educational pursuits, religious travel, or business trips are referred to as tourists.

Documentation needed for entrance

A passport that is valid for admission and the whole stay in Aruba is required of all visitors upon arrival. People who use fake documents will face legal consequences.

A visa, if one is necessary.

An Embarkation and Disembarkation (ED) card that is complete and authorized.

Aruba’s visitor insurance, which is voluntary and not required, covers costs associated with COVID-19 in the event that you test positive for it while there.

A valid ticket for the return or next destination.

A valid residency permit (temporary or permanent), re-entry permit, or entry visa, for instance, is required to travel back to one’s place of origin or another nation into which one has the legal right to enter.

The tourist must be able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the immigration officer, upon request, that he or she has a valid reservation for a place of lodging in Aruba (such as a hotel room or apartment) or that he or she is the owner of real estate in Aruba (such as a home, condominium, apartment, or timeshare apartment, measured at the nominal water line).

The tourist must be able to demonstrate, upon request, to the satisfaction of the immigration officer, that he or she has sufficient funds to cover lodging costs (if applicable) and living expenses over the course of his or her stay, or that a declaration of guarantee from an Aruba citizen in good standing has been obtained.

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Unskilled Jobs

Inoculations are necessary for specified countries, together with a certificate of evidence.

Travellers from Central America, Latin America, and Africa should be aware of the following information before they arrive in Aruba:

The International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP), which must be shown by all travellers arriving on the island from countries where yellow fever is endemic, will be required starting on March 1, 2018, according to the Aruba Ministry of Health. All visitors from Central American, Latin American, and African (high-risk) nations are required to have the vaccination.

The immigration officer at the entrance point or border crossing has the last say on whether someone may be admitted to Aruba. Admission can be granted or denied by immigration officials at the border crossing or port of entry. If a visitor is on a blacklist or if not all entrance conditions are met by the time they enter Aruba, their admission may be denied. Entry to Aruba is not guaranteed even if you have a valid visa.

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Admission Duration

The maximum amount of time that a visitor can stay in Aruba is 30 days. When a visitor requests a visa extension, their total permitted stay in Aruba is limited to 180 days annually. US citizens may stay in Aruba for a maximum of 90 days without requiring any additional official paperwork.

Lengthening of stay after entry

The following people may request an extension of their stay in Aruba for a period longer than 30 days but no longer than 180 days upon arrival:

Those who are Dutch citizens may ask to extend their stay for up to 180 days straight.

If they have a property in Aruba, such as a home, condo, apartment, timeshare, or pleasure yacht moored in Aruba with a length of at least 14 meters (46 feet) measured at the nominal waterline, nationals of the countries listed in List A and visa-required individuals who are exempt from the visa requirement may request an extension of their stay for up to 180 consecutive days. They must provide evidence of property ownership for up to 180 days of residence.

If they don’t own property there, they require a statement of guarantee from an Aruba resident who will act as a guarantor and be accountable for any costs incurred during their stay.

In order to have their request legalised and forwarded to the visitor overseas, the guarantor in Aruba can send their request directly to the IASA (Aruban Immigration) via email at by completing the necessary steps.

The tourist may ask for an extension during the original 30-day stay for a maximum stay of 90 days. There could be some limitations. Once all conditions for an extended stay have been satisfied, the migration authority may grant an extension of up to 90 days.

All visitors who request a stay extension of more than 30 days must have travel insurance (medical and liability) and adequate funds that are valid for the whole length of the extension.

Prolongation of Stay upon admission

A tourist may request at the office of IASA an extension for up to 180 days if they wish to remain longer than the number of days indicated by the immigration officer on the ED card at the time of entrance.

If you stay over the number of days allowed by the immigration officer without requesting an extension, it may affect your ability to be admitted to Aruba in the future.

The following paperwork must be submitted:

The original application for a tourist stay extension;

When the extension is requested, a copy of the petitioner’s passport’s profile page and all Pages that have been written on and stamped;

A copy of his or her entry visa, if necessary;

A duplicate of the Embarkation-Disembarkation card (ED-card);

Replicate a valid return ticket;

A certified copy of liability and medical travel insurance that is valid throughout the prolonged stay;

The petitioner must include a statement of guarantee from an Aruba citizen who will serve as a guarantor for their stay if they are not staying at their own house or a hotel/resort.

Anyone wishing to remain in Aruba for more than 180 days will require a residency permit and will not be regarded as a tourist.

When Is An Invitation/Declaration Of Guarantee Required?

If a visitor from a country where a visa is necessary has been invited to take part in a sporting event on Aruba by an organisation, or if the visitor will be staying with a family or friend, the declaration of guarantee/invitation is required in order to apply for a visa. The individual or group in Aruba who will serve as the visitor’s guarantor must formally promise that they will cover any expenses that may result from the visitor’s brief stay in the island.

The invitation and statement of guarantee must be sent to the tourist with a visa by the guarantor. Please be aware that just because you have the declaration doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a visa. The applicant for a visa just has to present one of the prerequisites. Instructions about the applicable process are supplied, as is the declaration of guarantee or invitation form.

How To Obtain a Visa For Aruba

Is a visa needed for you? Then, before leaving for Aruba, you must apply for a visa. Visit the Netherlands Worldwide website for further details on the Caribbean visa for Aruba or to apply for one:

Use the email address to get in touch with the Aruba Tourism Authority if you have any questions concerning the application process.

Prior US Approval

Since Aruba has US pre-clearance, you may go through passport control there at the U.S. Customs & Border Protection facility without having to go through it again once you return to the US.

You will pick up your luggage, which you would have left at the airport at check-in, and head to the U.S. Customs & Border Protection facility after checking in. After doing a computer check, a uniformed U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent will take your Customs Declaration form. You put your luggage on a conveyor that will take it to your plane when the official gives you the all-clear to go. After passing through security, you proceed to your gate.

US Travellers’ Passport Cards

A passport book is more cumbersome and more expensive than the U.S. Passport Card, which may be used to enter the country from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda through land border crossings or maritime ports of entry. Air travel outside of the country is not permitted with the passport card. For passengers on cruise ships, it can be a choice. For precise criteria, be sure to ask your cruise line.

Having a Home and a Job in Aruba

The Directorate of Alien Integration, Policy, and Admission (DIMAS) issues legitimate residency permits to those who wish to remain and work in Aruba.

Do you intend to work remotely for some of your Aruba vacation? One must work for a corporation or be a sole proprietor in their nation of residence in order to achieve this. You are not allowed to provide services to or accept payment from local Aruban businesses or people (a work or business authorization is needed for this). Find out more information about it here, along with specifics on the “One Happy Workstation” and long-term stay packages. Participants in the “One Happy Workstation” programme who are US citizens may stay in Aruba for up to 90 days.

Passport – Your Travel Essential

Finally, most travellers will need a passport if they are considering a vacation to Aruba. This widely recognised document not only lets you to fulfil admission criteria, but also gives you the confidence to travel the globe. It is a sign of your identification as well as the gateway to thrilling travel prospects.


This article is for only information purposes and no fee or registration of any kind is attached to it.

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