UniFAST Scholarship

UniFAST Scholarship

Applicants are asked to submit an application for the UniFAST scholarship for Filipino students. Students from all around the world are welcome to apply for the UniFAST Scholarships in the Philippines. Students who want to study in the Philippines with a fully funded scholarship should apply.

This is the most well-known award from the Unified Financial Assistance System (UniFAST) for students pursuing an Undergraduate Degree, Masters Degree, or PhD Degree through UniFAST. Every academic year, a scholarship application is offered.

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Scholarships are available through the Unified Financial Assistance System (UniFAST) in almost all academic sectors and majors. With over 2,000 UniFAST awards, students can complete their education from here. The scholarship will cover the majority of the costs.

UniFAST scholarship is one of the scholarships available to help students with their studies. Do students have questions about how to apply for a UniFAST scholarship? The primary goal of these scholarships is to encourage students to finish their education.

What is the full Meaning of UniFAST?

UniFAST stands for the Unified Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education Act. Tertiary education includes a bachelor`s degree, master’s degree, or certification.

Tertiary education is provided by many universities, vocational institutes, and colleges. The Tertiary Education Act was enacted to ensure that all qualified students receive an adequate education without having to pay tuition or college fees.

How To Apply For the UniFAST Scholarship

Are you a student who is wondering how to apply for a UniFAST scholarship? You are reading the correct article. UniFAST scholarships are only available to students who want to further their education but lack the necessary funds.

UniFAST provides students with a fully funded scholarship that covers all of the fees required to complete tertiary education.

To apply for the UniFaST Scholarship simply follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the official CHED-UniFAST webpage: >https://.unifast.gov.ph<.
  • Fill out the essential information to create an account.
  • Fill in the essential information and sign in to your account.
  • Check your details once more before clicking “Submit.”

When you successfully complete your application form, UniFAST will provide you with feedback by e-mail. Continue to check the email address you provided in the application form.

Criteria for Eligibility for the UniFAST Scholarship

To be eligible for a UniFAST Scholarship a candidate must meet the following two requirements:

You must be enrolled in a tertiary education that grants bachelor’s, postgraduate, and master’s degrees (the programme must be TVET or TESDA accredited).

Except for those enrolled in packaged, applicants should not have a national certificate ll or higher.

What Are the Application Requirements for the UniFAST Scholarship?

If a candidate meets the following requirements, they can easily apply for the UniFAST Scholarship:

  • A school registration certificate is required for the applicant.
  • If the applicant is working, he must provide an income tax return.
  • Applicants must provide an income tax return for each member of their household.
  • Applicant Picture (1 by 1).
  • A government-issued ID (or co-maker).
  • The applicant’s SLPTE-ST application form must be completed twice.
  • If you meet these qualifications, you are eligible to apply for the UniFAST Scholarship.

What Are The Benefits Of UniFAST Scholarships?

If you are eligible for a UniFAST Scholarship and meet the application requirements, you`ll get the following:

  1. Admission or ID fees are required to get enrolled in your specified degree
  2. Athletic Fees (if you`re an athlete)
  3. Computer Fees
  4. Cultural Charges
  5. Developmental Fees
  6. Entrance and guidance charges
  7. Lab. And Library fees
  8. Medical Allowances
  9. Clothing for attending workshops
  10. Living Allowances
  11. If the student repays the loan within the specified time frame, the interest rate will be zero.

So you filled out the UniFAST scholarship application and you be awarded the scholarship. In that scenario, you will receive all of the above-mentioned perks.


The UNIFAST Scholarship encourages students who desire to further their education but want additional funding. To be eligible for a UniFAST scholarship, applicants must be enrolled in tertiary education programmes.

By completing the online application form on the official website, an applicant can qualify for the UniFAST scholarship. All approved applicants are provided with educational expenses, admission fees, athletic fees, medical allowances, and so forth.

Note: Before you apply for the scholarship, make sure to seek out more information on their official website

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